Take Consistent Action to Build Success

We all have goals we want to achieve. We all dream dreams we want to come true. We all want to experience and have a successful life, career, and relationships. The question is do we want to do what it takes to get there. Over the years I have learn that some people like the idea—the sound of success and that is the extent their passion and commitment will go. Therefore, they do not realize that to achieve anything of significance, they need to engage in consistent action.

Taking consistent action insist that we do not depend on our emotions to make decisions for us. We must not depend on the weather to determine whether or not we work on our goals today. We must not depend on our electronic devices such as the television, our phones, game console, the pad, and all that we use to distract us these days to hinder us from taking daily action to better our future and to get the things that are important to us done.

We’ve heard of the saying “an object at rest tends to say at rest and object in motion tends to stay in motion.” The same principle applies to our daily lives. The actions we take today determine what actions we will take tomorrow. Our goals do not come to fruition because we are not committed to them and we do not act on them daily. For this new year, don’t just work on your new year’s resolutions for a few weeks or months just to give up. We must keep our focus and act daily to obtain the desired results.

We have to remember that without consistent action, we cannot build and create experiences to carry us to the next level. Through these experiences we will build our confidence, knowledge, and resolve to tackle any problem that may come our way. We will become resilient people who don’t only welcome the fluff but the substance. Talk is cheap! Giving up is weak. Let’s build up our strength by doing something every day to create the life and the future we want.

How Did You Do Last Quarter?

Successful professionals and businesses know that to maintain and accelerate success you must periodically evaluate your performance to find out what is working at what is not. This is a great thing to do because you do not want to waste your valuable time working on something that is not worth your resources and does not play a role in taking you to the next level. Therefore, I recommend that you evaluate your performance every three months or every quarter. That does not mean that you wait until the quarter ends to change something that is not working. You should have a system in place that will help you determine what is not working in order to maximize your resources. Here are a few strategies to help you get it done this year.

  1. Get a laser focus on where you are going and how you intend to get there. If you are like me, you tend to burden yourself with pages upon pages of goals to accomplish each year. I learned to change this strategy when I became stressed and depressed over my goal list. I felt as if I could never catch up. Thereafter, I learned to break down my goals and focus on what is most important. I wrote down what I needed to do to achieve my goals and attached a deadline to each of them. Finally, I determined the final product of my goal. I make it a practice to review these steps monthly to make sure that I am on track and to make adjustments if needed.
  2. Get back more of your time. Successful people do not complain about not having enough time to achieve their goals. They make more time to do what is necessary every day to bring them to the fruition of their intentions. They shut off the television and put the phone away. They keep a calendar to tell them exactly how they are spending their time. We all have the same 24 hours. Successful people make sure they accomplish their goals and dreams by determining exactly how and where their time will be most effective.
  3. Accelerate your success by multiplying yourself. Can you really do this? Yes, you can. You might recognize this strategy as networking, niche marketing, and strategic alliances. For example, creating strategic alliances require a tremendous amount of work. However, your time and energy will be well-spent because the relationships you build will allow you to accomplish things that you have never been able to do on your own.

My challenge to you is to get focus on exactly what you want to get done this year and determine what exactly you intend to do on a daily basis to accomplish your goals. Go over your calendar with a magnifying glass if need be and carve out some time, take the necessary action steps and place this goal in the done pile. Finally, surround yourself with the right people to accelerate your success.