The Road Less Traveled

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.

-Robert Frost

Waiting Can Be Productive

Yet those who wait for the Lord

Will gain new strength;

They will mount up with wings like eagles,

They will run and not get tired,

They will walk and not become weary.

Isaiah 40:31

I love to read verses like this one. No need for special tools to extrapolate the benefits of waiting. I don’t know about you, but when I read this verse I feel like I can become a super human just by deciding to wait on the Lord and not take matters into my own hands – especially when directed not to.

There are so many things we can learn in this verse that can be very beneficial to us. When we wait on the Lord…

We gain new strength

This is a promise we can hold on to. We may have come to him feeling weak and exhausted from the everyday trials of this life, but he promises that while we wait, he will replace our weakness with strength. Therefore, we will be prepared to respond to whatever he allows for us to experience.

We see the big picture

The verse says that we “will mount up with wings like eagles.” Sometimes it is hard to see and understand what is going on when faced with different circumstances. We may be too close to see clearly. So, God promises we will soar like the eagles when we wait on him, allowing us to gain a fresh perspective on what we currently face.

We get loaded up with energy

How would you like to run and never get tired? Well, when you wait on the Lord, you get loaded up with energy to combat any negative forces that may be in our future. At times, positive experiences may be overwhelming too. Believe that he has given you the strength and energy to handle them properly.

We stay the course

It says “we will run and not become weary.” The Lord reassures our every step letting us know that he is always with us and will give us all necessary ingredients to stay the course and renew our determination to persevere and not to give up.

All this happens while we wait. So waiting is not a waste. It can be a very productive period in our lives. It is a time used by God to give us new strength, a clear perspective, more energy, and the determination to stay the course and not to give up. Let us wait on the Lord, so he can fulfill these promises in our lives.

Surrender Is Not For Wimps

The term surrender seems to have a negative connotation. We tend to equate it to giving up, giving in, loser, and tapping out. Surrender in our minds is equivalent to defeat and raising up the white flag. There seems to be nothing positive about the word. Surrender wreaks weakness – another term we could care less for and often revolve our lives around changing it rather than embracing it.

We can’t understand how God uses our weaknesses to give us purpose and to change the world. As Joyce Myer states, God takes our mess and turn it into our message, and that is incomprehensible to us. The same way we cannot grasp the idea of surrendering our lives and “offering our bodies as a living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1).

To change the negative connotation of surrender to a positive one, we must understand it in a different light knowing that God is offering us a life that is beyond our imagination. We must realize that we are trading this life with all its cares and placing it in the Father’s hand to do as he wish. Releasing the control over to God seems to be the hard part.

That is why surrendering is not for wimps; it is for people who are courageous enough to know that they need a Savior. These courageous people are willing to make some difficult decisions. They have decided to …

  1. Be totally committed
  2. Have an attitude of gratitude
  3. Trust God for everything
  4. Give up all of their rights

He alone can prepare us to receive the abundance he has in store for us; he can only do that when we surrender.


Faith does not

come from striving;

it comes from


Bill Johnson

Do You Recognize God When You See Him?

People see God every day,

they just don’t recognize


                       Pearl Bailey

Let Go of Perfectionism

For too many of us the fear of not getting it right paralyzes us to a level of inactivity that is incomprehensible. We buy into the misconception that doing nothing is better than giving our best. We seem to need to be 100% sure before we can take any action. We over-rationalize the fact that we may not know exactly what action to take in any given situation.  So, we remain where we feel comfortable, where we feel safe.

Now, we feel good about all the hard work we have put into selling ourselves on why we’re not doing anything about the things that matter most, the things that have a tremendous impact on future. What we don’t realize is the fact that we pay a high price for the decision not to act. That price may be the opportunity to accomplish a goal, to form a meaningful and strategic relationship, to gain more confidence, to make a difference and to change a life.

The truth is we are ready to take imperfect actions. Rarely does anyone have 100% of the information needed 100% of the time it is needed to take an action or to make a decision. We all should be lifelong learners, so it is not a surprise that we may not have a 100% of what we need to pursue a certain goal. Put your focus and attention on what you do have and get started. Concentrate on the fact that you have more to give than you realize and that someone has much to benefit as a result of your efforts.

Fear Is a Bully

Do not allow fear to deter you from taking daily action towards becoming all that God intended you to be. Fear is a bully that stands ready to rob you of your inheritance. I challenge you to face that bully today and put it in the right place –behind you.

Big Changes in Small Packages

As you work through this New Year on becoming a better person, friend, spouse, or worker, don’t encumber yourself with making big changes. They can become overwhelming and influence your efforts in a negative way. Often times, big changes come in small packages. You can go a long way by focusing on a few lifestyle changes in your everyday experience that can result in improved relationships, personal growth and development, and your overall outlook in life.

Challenge yourself to incorporate one of these small packages in your daily life and watch how a seemingly small effort gradually produce unbelievable results:

Be Positive

You know how draining it is to be around negative people. You get tired just by being next to them. Don’t be one. Work on being positive to lift others up, create productive and nurturing environments.

Be Present

It is so hard to unplug from your technological devices. They seem to go with you everywhere these days and it is difficult to say “No” to them. Well, that is exactly what you must do. Be fully present when sharing time with family and friends. That is a small way you can show them they are important to you.

Give Compliments

Who doesn’t like a compliment? Brighten someone’s day every day with a compliment. People often feel invisible and that no one cares. In this case, it does not cost anything to deliver a big change in a small package.

Listen More

The more we listen to others, the more we learn about them and about ourselves. People relish in the idea that someone care enough to listen to them. The end result is a tremendous feeling that can last for a very long time.

Read Daily and Widely

Reading is fundamental – not only for the children, for you as well. You become smarter, the more you read. Every area of your life can improve when you decide to learn and keep abreast via reading.

Be Thankful

You will never be content with more if you’re not content with what you have now. Being thankful for your current blessings will enable you to make room for more.