Meet Dr. GeGe, Success Coach

The VisionWhisperer, Speaker, Trainer, Educator, Advocate

My Passion

I am the author of Becoming a Conqueror: How to Keep the Past from Invading Your Present and Destroying Your Future, a book dedicated to help women face their fears and to claim their power to create a bright future. For the past 20 years, I have been studying and researching confidence, courage, and leadership. I have applied my learning to heal my own life and to help many others in the process. My passion is to help women live brave, bold, and adventurous lives.

My Belief

I believe you are responsible for creating the life you desire. You have a responsibility to bravingly discover, pursue, and boldly live your purpose. That means making your impact through your unique perspective, education, relationships, and experiences, which would present challenges and opportunities for your continuous learning, growth, and development. I also believe that everything you experience in your life is to further that purpose: to become your highest and best self. You must embrace that mindset if you want to lead a totally authentic, transparent, fruitful, successful, and adventurous life. I also believe that I am more than conqueror, so giving up is never an option: poverty, stigma, insecurities, abuse, and bankruptcy could not stop me. For this reason, I married my teenage love and we make life happen every day with a beautifully blended family of the incredibly talented six. I have the privilege to honor this holy ambition through my work: to help you live a bravingly unstoppable life at home, school, work, and business.

My Life

I am a child of God, wife, mother, educator, speaker, advocate, entrepreneur, author, and executive coach. I am committed to helping women to be Bravingly Unstoppable at home, work, school, and their businesses. I can help you

  • Build your confidence to tackle the small and big challenges.
  • Confront your fears, doubts, and insecurities
  • Get uncomfortable and get things done.
  • Develop a positive attitude to carry through all seasons of life.
  • Turn obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments into opportunities for creativity.

My Story

I know the challenges of being born in the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere. I know the challenges of being too poor to afford life necessities. I know the challenges of growing up without parents, and later take membership in a number of dysfunctional families. I am an immigrant who wanted nothing more but a thriving business to take care of my family. I had the opportunity to participate in several businesses. However, they were not my passion. I have always wanted to help people lead braver, bolder, and a more adventurous life. So, I put all fears aside to do just that – to help you become Bravingly Unstoppable.