Awareness … Part 3

When we meet people, we should never attempt to impose our thoughts into their minds. We cannot know with any certainty what another person is thinking. By imposing our past-focused worldview upon another we do not contribute to a better understanding of life. If anything, we deprive ourselves of any possibility of learning from another person’s experience. We see what we want to see and nothing else.

What happens when you accidentally touch a pan of boiling water? Or when you are walking along the street and out the corner of your eye you catch sight of an object rapidly moving towards you? The majority of people would automatically recoil and try to move away from the danger. Our brains are designed to react quickly against perceived threats. We do not need time to think in either of the described situations. Instead, our brains react to keep our bodies safe. This is an unconscious reaction. An act of self-preservation.

These unconscious reactions serve us well and keep us safe. If we had to process every single piece of information we receive on a daily basis, we would be unable to function. We would become paralyzed and nothing would ever be done. However, sometimes our brains do not act in our best interests. As humans, we operate at a higher cognitive level than other species that can only react to external stimulus. We must exercise good judgment. We must seek the Spirit of God when it comes to becoming aware of our own reality.


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