Better Habits, Better You

To reveal our best selves,

we must replace bad habits with good ones.

Dr. Guerline Jasmin

The idea of creating and cultivating positive habits has been around for as long as human kind has been on this earth. The truth is the thought of changing our every day lives for the better is something that each and everyone of us think about from time to time. But often, we do not have the courage to take a step forward to strategically utilize the past to inform our present and our future.

With each new year, the thought process of becoming a better version of ourselves hits us to the core. That is great because it shows that we see the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Here is a video from James Clear that will help you on creating better habits.

What we must focus on is the process instead of the end result. It takes time for true changes to be evident in our lives. That is precisely why focusing on the goals instead of the process is the wrong approach. Focusing on the process helps us to have small wins that will eventually develop into big ones. When we focus on the goals, we tend to develop negative thinking when we fall short. Here is a great video that will help you break that negative mindset.

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