Big Changes in Small Packages

As you work through this New Year on becoming a better person, friend, spouse, or worker, don’t encumber yourself with making big changes. They can become overwhelming and influence your efforts in a negative way. Often times, big changes come in small packages. You can go a long way by focusing on a few lifestyle changes in your everyday experience that can result in improved relationships, personal growth and development, and your overall outlook in life.

Challenge yourself to incorporate one of these small packages in your daily life and watch how a seemingly small effort gradually produce unbelievable results:

Be Positive

You know how draining it is to be around negative people. You get tired just by being next to them. Don’t be one. Work on being positive to lift others up, create productive and nurturing environments.

Be Present

It is so hard to unplug from your technological devices. They seem to go with you everywhere these days and it is difficult to say “No” to them. Well, that is exactly what you must do. Be fully present when sharing time with family and friends. That is a small way you can show them they are important to you.

Give Compliments

Who doesn’t like a compliment? Brighten someone’s day every day with a compliment. People often feel invisible and that no one cares. In this case, it does not cost anything to deliver a big change in a small package.

Listen More

The more we listen to others, the more we learn about them and about ourselves. People relish in the idea that someone care enough to listen to them. The end result is a tremendous feeling that can last for a very long time.

Read Daily and Widely

Reading is fundamental – not only for the children, for you as well. You become smarter, the more you read. Every area of your life can improve when you decide to learn and keep abreast via reading.

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