5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Getting Stuck in Your Journey to Become More

I have always dreamed about being more than a mom and a wife. Don’t get me wrong. Being a mom and a wife are both wonderful and beautiful things. I should know because I have six children. Even Michelle Obama in her book Becoming expresses the same sentiment in its last section “Becoming More.” Perhaps, […]

Keep Going

Don’t Hold Back

Don’t hold back your gifts, or your unique brilliance. You are a game changer. You can help others see themselves differently.

In the Swing of Wings

Fun time tasting wings from a variety of vendors and meeting new faces.

I’m a Little Scared Right Now

What do you stand to lose if you do not accomplish your goals?

3 Pitfalls to Exercising Your Power

Be careful not to give your power away by falling into these pitfalls.

Exercise Your Power

You will get to know your power only when you exercise it.

The Power of Choice

Your greatest power is choice.

Discover Your Powers

Knowing your power is essential to creating your best life.

You Are Equipped with Powers

You are equipped with powers to make a difference wherever you are.

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