Big Changes in Small Packages

As you work through this New Year on becoming a better person, friend, spouse, or worker, don’t encumber yourself with making big changes. They can become overwhelming and influence your efforts in a negative way. Often times, big changes come in small packages. You can go a long way by focusing on a few lifestyle […]

Be Thankful

You will never be content with more if you’re not content with what you have now. Being thankful for your current blessings will enable you to make room for more.

Walking the Path

Every journey begins with one step. Taking that first step can be most difficult part of the journey and sometimes it feels like it can even be impossible. The short distance may actually feel like a marathon. So many things can prevent you from even finding the path let alone walking upon it.  You may […]

Get It In Your Head

Who needs to memorize Scripture when you can pull it up on your smart phone in seconds? I say that is more of a reason to memorize them. We have become so dependent on electronic devices that we have forgotten how to use our brains. I tend to be old-fashioned when it comes to memorizing […]

Pray Daily

As we immerse ourselves in Scripture, we learn how much we need God as human beings. We learn about the most awesome and powerful God and amazingly we have access to speak to him whenever we want to. We can talk to him about anything. According to Ephesians 6:18, “we are to pray at times.” […]

Got Questions?

We all have questions about life and the problems we face. When you can’t find the answers to your question, consider reading the WORD. Reading and studying God’s Word are essential to our Christian walk because it lets us know how we should live our lives. God gave us his word to guide, strengthen, and […]

Awareness … Part 3

When we meet people, we should never attempt to impose our thoughts into their minds. We cannot know with any certainty what another person is thinking. By imposing our past-focused worldview upon another we do not contribute to a better understanding of life. If anything, we deprive ourselves of any possibility of learning from another […]

Awareness … Part 2

When we become aware of the big impact that the past has on our present, we can fully engage in the present instead of subjecting ourselves to what I call the “invasion.” It is an invasion because it is truly a battle that takes place within our mind; it is warfare and we are poorly […]

Awareness …Part 1

  The world is fast when it comes to labeling  you as a victim when something bad happens to you. This is no different from what happens with those who have experienced a bad childhood. So many people blame their parents for the disappointments and failures of their adult life! However, these same individuals have […]

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