Dream “BIG” Where You Are

Dreaming big is being the best version of myself. Dr. Guerline Jasmin We often hear DREAM BIG from those who expect more from us. Dreaming big always sounds like the right thing to do. It is the thing that brave and courageous people do. It sounds like the path to noble pursuits, the path to changing not only one’s life, but the path to […]

Do Your Own Work

Before we can change our current trajectory, we must own the path that is set before us. That is to do the work that only we can do. Dr. Guerline Jasmin January is a month of second, third, fourth, or even a thousand chance of starting over. We seek to claim control over our lives […]

Better Habits, Better You

To reveal our best selves, we must replace bad habits with good ones. Dr. Guerline Jasmin The idea of creating and cultivating positive habits has been around for as long as human kind has been on this earth. The truth is the thought of changing our every day lives for the better is something that […]

Daily Decisions

People do what they MUST do, not what they want to do. What is it that you must do right NOW to START chipping away at your GOD-GIVEN DREAMS?

Top 20 Rich Habits for Your Success

A brief list of what keeps the rich growing in wealth and the poor growing in poverty.

Happiness Habit 5: Be Merciful

As much as we would like to have it in a box, we must realize that happiness is a way of life. Practicing mercy provides many opportunities to cultivate happiness in our lives.

Happiness Habit 4: Practice Integrity

To be happy, you must practice integrity to enable you to bring wholesomeness in all areas of your life.

Happiness Habit 3: Be Generous

Being generous is a blessing that keeps on giving. No one has ever gotten poor by giving (Mother Theresa).

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