Black America speaks. America should listen.

In the past, we threw checks on the problems that Black America and other people of color face.

That will not work this time.

We must embark on real reforms that will make a difference in the every day lives of people.

This article by Byron Allen presents several ways for us to dig deeper to make lasting change.

Here are the companies observing Juneteenth this year

Lowe’s Opened Its First Round of Applications For Small Business Grants

Lowe’s is not just making promises, but keeping its word. Action is how we can start making amends.

One Reason Why the Impossible Must Not Intimidate You

The experts said it was impossible… No way a human could run a sub 4-minute mile. They said it so much and so loud that the world believed them.


But that all changed in 1952 when at the Helsinki Olympics, Roger Bannister (who must have forgotten to listen to the experts) became the first human to run the mile in 3:59.


And what happened next shocked the world. In the following 12 months alone, 24 NEW people broke the 4-minute mile? How did that happen?


Did evolution speed up in that year? Did they all go on steroids? Was there a new stronger DNA in humans discovered? None of those things happened obviously…


But one thing did change. One thing that we all need to reach our full potential.


The one thing that changed was the BELIEF in people’s minds that it was possible…


If you’re ready for your beliefs to change about your next level of impact, joy, and success then you need to hurry and go watch the new video Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi just posted.


It’s like the Roger Bannister story times a million. To see regular people, from all over the world who were once scared or unsure… now thriving and living life to the fullest! It changes the game in a whole new way.


Parts of this video left me speechless, other parts gave me goosebumps. But overall it even reinforced my beliefs and I know the impact it can have on you.


Don’t miss this video. There is another level of life waiting for all of us once we decide it to be true…


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Let’s just say it like it is, there is no one better on the planet than Tony Robbins when it comes to human potential… He’s dedicated his life to this mastery and his live events (DWD and UPW) and the impact he has made will be spoken about 100 years from now.

And if anyone knows what holds you back from achieving that next level version of yourself it’s him…

And in all his experience (over 40 years) he says this “One Thing” is what stops people from achieving the impact, success and the influence they desire and deserve more than anything else.

People will pay Tony thousands for this information but since you’ve been so engaged this week and shown that you have a desire for next level impact and success… Dean did something special 😉

He extracted this lesson (which he learned from Tony years ago) and shot a brand new video to teach you the “One Thing” that holds most people back from the life they desire (and could be holding you back as we speak)…

So go watch the new video Dean just posted that crushes that one thing and opens you up to a new world of limitless opportunities:

Like I said it’s most likely affecting you right this moment and you’re not even aware of it!!

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How do you really become a part of the digital economy and the information age?

Where do you start? How do you make it real? How do you scale it?

I mean, you see people (sometimes even kids) seemingly building empires online and you wonder how. Why them?

Is it what platform they post on, what they say, that they are techy people, the filters they use, the followers they have?

Or… what if it’s actually easier than all of that?

Listen, it can hurt when you know you have the potential for so much more, but the problem is you’re not sure how to do it or how to get there…

The good news is that you really just need to know 3 things to gain the confidence and the framework to make this real for your life.

So, by popular demand it’s time to go tactical. (basically give you the actual steps to do it).

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5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Getting Stuck in Your Journey to Become More

I have always dreamed about being more than a mom and a wife.

Don’t get me wrong. Being a mom and a wife are both wonderful and beautiful things. I should know because I have six children.

Even Michelle Obama in her book Becoming expresses the same sentiment in its last section “Becoming More.”

Becoming 2

Perhaps, one reason for this is because I have seen women reduced and restricted to these roles and never to reach away from them in the most sacred of places.

Another reason for wanting to become more is because I want my kids to be proud to say, “That’s my mom.”

That's My Mon

I crave to be that example of what I have been teaching them over the years – be the best that you can be.

As you can imagine, parenting six children who are now between the ages of 12 and 22 provides many opportunities for life to get in the way.

Recently, the oldest started having seizures that gets in the way of life. Her employer recently released her because they insisted that she is a liability.

Therefore, she is unable to keep a job because she does not know when she will suffer an another attack. There seems to no end to this since all medical tests neglect to find a cause for her condition.

The two following her are figuring out the challenge of college life and they are trying the best they can to prepare for a bright future

My husband is battling his own medical problems that may have a significant impact on the quality of the rest of his life.

Oh, did I mentioned that one of our cars caught on fire this morning?

Car on fire

Its batteries have been losing charge for a few months now and we have not been able to determine why that is so.

In the middle of all this, I am trying to carve a small space just for myself to become more, so I can not only have more to give them but to also make my impact the way only I can.

These are just the big stuff; the little things do not stand a chance.

However, it is in the little things that we do every day we find sustainance when life insists that becoming more is not an option.

After all, where is the time?

When you feel stuck between who you are and who you want to become, that is a significant time to take immediate action to bridging that gap.

Here are a five tips to help you move swiftly between the gaps:

1. Remember Your Purpose – It will be a guide when the life gets blurry and uncertain.

Purpose Quote 1

2. Cherish The Moments – Make time to reflect in to see the lessons in each moment.

Cherish the Moment 1

3. Let Curiosity Fuel Your Creativity – With all the unknowns in our lives, grab on to curiosity instead of fear, and the journey will be so much more exciting.

Curiosity 1

4. Laugh for No Reason at All – Laughing is good medicine even if it’s for no reason. Laughing will add life to your years.

Laughing for No Reason

5. Take Small Steps – The goal is to keep moving in the right direction, but sometimes, we have the tendency to neglect taking small steps in the challenging times of our lives.

Take Small Steps

We cannot control life from happening and from getting in our way, but we can control our perspectives and reactions to these events. If you have a clear sense of your purpose in every moment of your life, it is hard not to be curious about the possibilities that are just around the corner. It’s hard to get stuck when you are taking small steps and consistent action in bridging the gap between who you are and who you are becoming.







Call to Action

To avoid getting stuck when life gets in the way, download the first three chapters of my latest book, Becoming a Conqueror: How to Keep the Past from Invading Your Present and Destroying Your Future. Be empowered on your journey of becoming more.


Dr. GeGe Jasmin is a woman leadership coach, who helps women go from simply existing to truly living. Please email her at to schedule her for your next event or to schedule your breakthrough call. For more information, visit her website at

Keep Going

Don’t Hold Back

Don’t hold back your gifts,

or your unique brilliance.

You are a game changer.

You can help others see themselves differently.

I’m a Little Scared Right Now

Image result for does your dream scare and excite you
Success is risky, but the rewards are huge.

Never before have I been so scared and excited of my goals and dreams – all at the same time. That’s how I know, I am dreaming big. If you have nothing to lose and it is not a must for you to make it, then your dream is not big enough.