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For most of my life, I carried a future perspective. I wanted to get so many things done and achieve greatness. I was never where I needed to be and believed that I had much ground to make up. You see I had to do it for so many generations who came before me and did not get the chances and opportunities that I had. But it never seemed I could make up the time lost and opportunities. Therefore, I burden myself with unnecessary loads of responsibilities that were not my own alone to carry. As a result, my capacity to enjoy the moment has been compromised.

It never occurred to me that I was playing God during those many years of my life. Even though I was a Christian, I was not living a God centered life. I was trying to do it all on my own. I was trying to save people that only God could save. I was giving people things that I did not have. I took the responsibility to care for adults who should have taken care of me.

I remember in college, I worked two jobs while maintaining an 18-21 credit hours of course schedules. Although, God blessed me with a four-year scholarship, my main mission was to finish a degree and make the big bucks, so I can continue to pay bills at home and provide for a slew of family members back in my home country, Haiti. I finish my four-year degree in two and a half years. The truth is I got the degree but I did not enjoy my college experience.

These were more than moments I failed enjoy—that was my life. That is why I make it priority to enjoy the life God has given me now. Here are a few ways I enjoy my life:

  1. I make God a priority. I know that He is in control of my life and my household. I read and study the word by myself and with my family. Since I have small children, things can get challenging at times, but I work on meditating on God’s word every chance I get because I desperately need to survive the days. I enjoy praying and studying with the children; they are hungry to hear about God.
  2. I listen attentively to my husband’s stories. I know I read the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” In that book I learned that the women love to talk and tell the stories to their husbands. However, in my world my husband loves to tell me about the stories he experienced at work. I am the one who would rather put my feet up and watch the news while snacking on something delicious. It was not at all easy at first because there is always a child asking for something, dishes needing washing, or clothes needing folding. However, over time I have learned that it is important to him to tell me how his day went, so I learned to welcome his stories and have many great laughs in between.
  3. I play with my children. The children love tickle time. Although, they are seven, eight, and nine years old if I start tickling one; I have to tickle all of them. I have reading time with them where we each read a book and share stories. Often time they read to me and that is an activity we both enjoy. We play soccer together. My husband is a huge soccer fan and a very good soccer player. The kids love when we put our soccer gears on and play together. We also enjoy playing chess and they have a blast when mommy and daddy lose. In addition, I take every opportunity to snack or have a meal on the table together. Of course, we do not have time to do these activities every day but we make it a priority to do one or the other during long breaks and over the summer.

We become happy and enjoy our daily life when we choose to do so. It is guarantee that we will get bombarded with distractions attempting to still our happiness. But we don’t have to give in and be miserable. We can choose to be happy.

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