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Who needs to memorize Scripture when you can pull it up on your smart phone in seconds? I say that is more of a reason to memorize them. We have become so dependent on electronic devices that we have forgotten how to use our brains.

I tend to be old-fashioned when it comes to memorizing Scripture and learning other things. Dedicate yourself to memorizing Scripture on a daily or weekly basis whichever is best for you. I believe that whatever is in your mind and heart belongs to you and you can retrieve it at any time. God forbids we are unable to get access to our electronic devices. Where will we be?

Memorizing Scripture will allow you to have the Word of God at your disposal and you can quickly select a verse that can speak to your current situation. Instead of reverting back to our bad habits to remedy a situation, we can speak the Word of God and find the comfort and the solution we need.


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  1. allycarter1
    allycarter1 says:

    Yes! Whenever i have taken time to memorise scripture it has blessed me over and over again. I do like using my phone though, as I’venever been much good at remembering the references.


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