Got Questions?

We all have questions about life and the problems we face. When you can’t find the answers to your question, consider reading the WORD. Reading and studying God’s Word are essential to our Christian walk because it lets us know how we should live our lives.

God gave us his word to guide, strengthen, and comfort us. The Word of God has changed my life and I am sure that it can change your life. I have seen many lives healed from addiction, sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. The Bible is an answer book for all the questions we may experience on this earth.

You can get started by reading fifteen minutes a day. You may consider participating in a reading plan that will facilitate you in reading the Bible in one year. There is an even more aggressive plan that will help you to read the Bible through three months or 90 days. You have many choices. Go to a Christian book store and go through a few Bibles to determine what translation appeals to you the most. For the most part, the indexes will have supplemental information such as reading plans to assist you in your journey.

In addition, there are many Bible study curriculum available in the Christian book store as well. My personal favorites are studies from Kay Arthur and Dr. Charles Stanley. However, today you have many options. You may want to search for free Bible study online. You have access to print, audio, and video. Getting involved in a small group at your church or in your local community can help enhance the experience and allow you to fellowship with other believers.


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