Happiness Habit 4: Practice Integrity

Conquering the happiness habit is not for the faint of heart, especially when our culture demands that we focus on what is outside of us rather than what is on the inside.

On the outside, we want to look and sound good. We want to maintain a stellar reputation, securing how we want people to see us.

At the same time, we give very little attention to what is going on on the inside. We don’t seem to care about the person we are becoming.

Practicing integrity forces us to practice wholeness; therefore rendering itIntegrity 4 more difficult to segment our lives to accommodate the many expectations that we insist others to require of us.

We tend to be incongruent when we feel like we have to be a different person in different environments. Then, happiness cannot exist because we are trying to be different everywhere we go. To practice integrity, we have to aim to be ourselves; that is the only way we can be out best.

Seeking wisdom is very important in developing integrity. Wisdom tells us what is right, equipping us in extraordinary ways to practice integrity. By making wisdom part of our arsenals, we will be better prepared to distinguish the voices of the angel on our right shoulder and the voices of the devil on our left.

Here are Integrity 3a few tips you can incorporate in your daily activities to help you practice integrity today and to become a happy person.

  1. Keep your words: do  not make promises you cannot keep. Unkept promises produces bitterness in the people you love.
  2. Do you best at all times. Everything that you do, give it your all. Then, you will not have regrets.
  3. Be yourself with people. Do not try to be anybody else other than yourself. Refuse to wears masks and play games with people.
  4. Treat others like you want to be treated. That means no backbiting and stabbing in the back. Work on uplifting people rather than putting them down. It is not necessary for you to win arguments, so be willing to let some things go.
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