Let Go of Perfectionism

For too many of us the fear of not getting it right paralyzes us to a level of inactivity that is incomprehensible. We buy into the misconception that doing nothing is better than giving our best. We seem to need to be 100% sure before we can take any action. We over-rationalize the fact that we may not know exactly what action to take in any given situation.  So, we remain where we feel comfortable, where we feel safe.

Now, we feel good about all the hard work we have put into selling ourselves on why we’re not doing anything about the things that matter most, the things that have a tremendous impact on future. What we don’t realize is the fact that we pay a high price for the decision not to act. That price may be the opportunity to accomplish a goal, to form a meaningful and strategic relationship, to gain more confidence, to make a difference and to change a life.

The truth is we are ready to take imperfect actions. Rarely does anyone have 100% of the information needed 100% of the time it is needed to take an action or to make a decision. We all should be lifelong learners, so it is not a surprise that we may not have a 100% of what we need to pursue a certain goal. Put your focus and attention on what you do have and get started. Concentrate on the fact that you have more to give than you realize and that someone has much to benefit as a result of your efforts.

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