One Reason Why the Impossible Must Not Intimidate You

The experts said it was impossible… No way a human could run a sub 4-minute mile. They said it so much and so loud that the world believed them.


But that all changed in 1952 when at the Helsinki Olympics, Roger Bannister (who must have forgotten to listen to the experts) became the first human to run the mile in 3:59.


And what happened next shocked the world. In the following 12 months alone, 24 NEW people broke the 4-minute mile? How did that happen?


Did evolution speed up in that year? Did they all go on steroids? Was there a new stronger DNA in humans discovered? None of those things happened obviously…


But one thing did change. One thing that we all need to reach our full potential.


The one thing that changed was the BELIEF in people’s minds that it was possible…


If you’re ready for your beliefs to change about your next level of impact, joy, and success then you need to hurry and go watch the new video Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi just posted.


It’s like the Roger Bannister story times a million. To see regular people, from all over the world who were once scared or unsure… now thriving and living life to the fullest! It changes the game in a whole new way.


Parts of this video left me speechless, other parts gave me goosebumps. But overall it even reinforced my beliefs and I know the impact it can have on you.


Don’t miss this video. There is another level of life waiting for all of us once we decide it to be true…


P.S. Thousand of everyday people from over 150 countries are now a part of the KBB movement. They overcame their limiting beliefs that have been holding them back, listened to their hearts and now have the blueprint to create a limitless future.


Remember time is running out to be a part of this rare training opportunity. Go watch this special video and follow your heart.

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