Selectively Procrastinate

We all have way too much on our to do list.

We are continuously pulled from one thing to another with distractions surrounding us.

Year after year the result of this type of chaos is the same. We end up frustrated and tired with hardly anything to show for it.

This will continue to happen if we do not change how we approach things on our to do list.

Concentrate on what matters the most. The things that will give you the most bang for your time and money. The things that only you can do and nobody else.

Yes, there are so many things competing for our attention. What do we do?

Learning to selectively procrastinate is immensely important here. It is okay to allow the less important things to wait while you focus on the things that will accelerate your success.

Practice delegation whenever possible and free up time to work on what matters most.

How will you selectively procrastinate in 2016?


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