Shine Your Light on Fear

Fear is the mind-killer, fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. When fear overcomes us our rational senses are diminished, we become primal and feel the world has turned against us. Seen through the prism of fear life holds no joy, everywhere we turn threats seem to be in abundance.

Fear paralyses us, fear tells us how to feel. It takes anything good and turns it around into something warped. Of course fear is how Satan wants us to experience the world. We seek refuge from fear in base pleasures and easy vices. A fearful human lives in the darkness, unable to see the beauty and joy that exists in the world.

Fear appeals to our primal nature. The most ancient part of our brains is located in the center of our cortex. The amygdalae are almond shaped bundles of nuclei located deep within the temporal lobe of the brain. Their purpose is to alert us to danger and allow us to react with speed to avoid threats. As ancient components of the brain they can over ride our higher functions.

Is it any wonder that television and the popular media promote content high in levels of sex and violence? These images appeal to the amygdala and grab our attention. Satan knows that without guidance he can manipulate humans and keep them trapped in a circle of  non-virtuous behavior through a cycle of fear.

To overcome fear is to see the light in the world. It is like opening the curtains and casting light across a darkened room. The shadows disappear and we can see the world as it truly is. God is that light. Letting Jesus into the room will dissolve the murky bleakness and remove the shadows where fear can grow.

Illuminating your life with the light of the Lord can transform you into a beacon. Evil and fear no longer have a place to hide. Those around you will draw strength from your refusal to cower in the darkness. With your newfound security you can see the path the Lord intended you to take and illuminate it for others to follow.

To light up your life and follow the path is simple. Tools have been provided for you. Let scripture be your guide and by living by the Word of God let the light grow within you. Do it today and see how the light can enter your life.

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