Six Simple Ways to Do More in Less Time

You have great expectations this year and every year before this one.

But, time has always been problematic.

You want to accomplish more but daily pressures and activities seem to suck up all the energy.

What do you do now?

You must remain focus on the prize–the results – the why. You must remain focus on what matters most.

So here are six simple ways to do more in less time.

  1. Write it down – it is important that you write your priorities–things that you must absolutely get done down and review them on a daily basis. This helps prepare your brain to constantly be on the look out for solutions.
  2. Develop a morning routine and make the most of it. Get up early. Get up at the same time every morning and schedule to work on the most important thing on your agenda. Make no exception.
  3. Focus on one thing and finish it before you move to the next thing. It is better for you to finish one thing then for you to have 10 unfinished tasks. Adding incomplete tasks to our agenda just zap your energy and can be overwhelming.
  4. Promise less, deliver more – there’s no need to put more pressure and stress on your day by promising things and services you know you cannot deliver on time or to your satisfaction; so, let’s not do it. It’s better to be pleasantly surprised then to be disappointed.
  5. Do or do not – Trying is tiresome. What’s the since of writing your priorities down if you just going to try to do them. At this stage you know whether or not you can do them. So, make a decision and do it.
  6. Overcome the urge to reach for your electronics. Oh, what distractions await you – all those notifications. They seem so urgent. But, you can do this because you value your priorities and intend to move forward to success.
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