My Dream Woke Me Up at 2:40 a.m.

Do you find yourself tossing and turning in bed every morning or maybe be every night?

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It never fails. At certain hours of the morning, I would repeatedly move from side-to-side, on my stomach, and on my back, unable to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Then, I would get up, go to the bathroom, and take a sip of water, just to repeat the cycle. With this pattern, I wasted thousands of hours over the years.

We all have different sleeping habits. I prefer to go to sleep late and get up late. However, over the years, my work did not allow that. So, I go to bed around 10:00 p.m. and wake at at 5:00 a.m.

That is the time programmed into my cellphone. Because waking up early has been a pattern over the years, I no longer need my cellphone. That’s a great thing because I am following Mel Robbins’ advice to keep the cellphone out of my bedroom.

When I had the cellphone in my bedroom, I checked the time every five minutes. It did not make me get up and do something, instead, I became preoccupied with finding different thoughts that could potentially drive me to catch another 15, 30, 45, or even 60 minutes of sleep.

This year, I decided to do something different.

I get out of bed when I am awake. When the tossing and turning pattern starts, I know that it is time to get up and do something productive. This morning, the stove clock read 2:40 a.m.

I count this as a great gift of time. I can do my morning devotion, review my goals, listen to my morning affirmations, exercise, write a blog post, read a chapter of a book, an article, or a blog post. I can do a load of laundry, clean an area in the house, or cook a healthy breakfast for the husband and children.

Truth be told, there is always a task in my mind that I know I need to be doing at that time, but usually I feel too tired, lazy, or unmotivated to do it. So, I would lay there hoping for sleep to rescue me.

Not this morning!

My goals and dreams for this year kept flashing in my mind. It was like watching a video. I got excited.

Since I did not have my cellphone by my bed to deter me from leaving my bed because it was too early, I got up from my bed and proceeded to do the things that mentioned above. This post being a by product of that decision.

It feels so amazing. With this little tweak to my morning routine, I am sure that my life will be unrecognizable by this time next year.

What would your life be like if you decided to get out of bed when your body has had enough sleep for the night?

What task can you get done? What goals can you work on? What dreams can you conjure up? What life can you create?

Six Simple Ways to Do More in Less Time

You have great expectations this year and every year before this one.

But, time has always been problematic.

You want to accomplish more but daily pressures and activities seem to suck up all the energy.

What do you do now?

You must remain focus on the prize–the results – the why. You must remain focus on what matters most.

So here are six simple ways to do more in less time.

  1. Write it down – it is important that you write your priorities–things that you must absolutely get done down and review them on a daily basis. This helps prepare your brain to constantly be on the look out for solutions.
  2. Develop a morning routine and make the most of it. Get up early. Get up at the same time every morning and schedule to work on the most important thing on your agenda. Make no exception.
  3. Focus on one thing and finish it before you move to the next thing. It is better for you to finish one thing then for you to have 10 unfinished tasks. Adding incomplete tasks to our agenda just zap your energy and can be overwhelming.
  4. Promise less, deliver more – there’s no need to put more pressure and stress on your day by promising things and services you know you cannot deliver on time or to your satisfaction; so, let’s not do it. It’s better to be pleasantly surprised then to be disappointed.
  5. Do or do not – Trying is tiresome. What’s the since of writing your priorities down if you just going to try to do them. At this stage you know whether or not you can do them. So, make a decision and do it.
  6. Overcome the urge to reach for your electronics. Oh, what distractions await you – all those notifications. They seem so urgent. But, you can do this because you value your priorities and intend to move forward to success.

The Game Changer

Undoubtedly, my number one bad habit is that of consistency.

Couple that with the myriad of distractions such as television, electronic devices, the internet, and the many demands of work and family activities and I find myself in a whirlwind.

I am sometime overcome by paralysis just thinking about it. The result is a plethora of negative consequences that I do not care for, but that are undeniable nevertheless.

One of the ways I plan to change the consistency problem this new year is to develop a morning and evening routine that will help me stay on track of what really matters.

I will make sure that what really matters–the things that I must consistently do–on a daily basis remain literally in my face.

I intend to review them morning and night. Most importantly, I will take action and not become complacent. I will take small steps every day until my mind gets it.

One of the things I will do this year is write a blog post every day -so you, the reader will keep me accountable. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you see any slacking on my part.

I believe that will be a game changer for my business and personal life.

What is the one bad habit if you were to make it a successful one would be the game changer in your business or personal life?