Power Your Potential

My husband loves watches.

Over the years, we have brought quite a few of them. Most of the watches we have in our collection require batteries in order for the watches to function properly. When the batteries expire, my husband would change them himself.

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But life got in the way and frustration set in, so the wide ranges of watches – Seiko, Invicta, Movado, and others were left for a long time, perhaps between three to five years in the jewelry box waiting for the day to once again tap into their potentials.

Potential, that’s a loaded word. It speaks of the wonders that are possible in our lives and the optimistic hope that we can be more than the eye can see. Potential promises possibilities for peak performance. It implies that success and greatness are for the taking only if you would tap into what is already in your possession.

So for my husband’s birthday, I decided to make one simple decision to help the watches once again tap into their potential and to do what they do best–tell the time. I took a total of ten of them to a repair shop and for just $75 and less than 24 hours, the watches were once again doing what they were designed to do.

We are very similar to these watches. Life can often get in the way of us fulfilling our potential, what we were designed to do. Know this, despite the fact that you have put your potential on hold does not mean that it is no longer working or functionable. Your potential is there waiting for you to power it up in order for you to succeed and develop that greatness that has been dormant inside of you for so long.

How can you power your potential now to radically change your life from moment-to-moment?

Share the small steps you are taking.

Three Skills for Peak Performance

My husband is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fan.

After many years of being a supportive wife and a team player, conditioning sets in and now I am a completely engaging participant.

Over the years, I have spent countless hours screaming, yelling, coaching players from the couch, and/or catching a heart attack to tell you the truth. In that moment, I seem to know exactly what he or she needs to do to get the win.

I can tell when a fighter comes to give his heart out. I can tell when a fighter comes to win. There are a number of different aspects of the fighter that speak volume. For example, a fighter’s body language demonstrates confidence or lack there of–need I mention Aldo vs McGregor.

What I learned from that fight and many years of watching similar fights are essential to a champion’s performance. To become a champion, you must:

  1. Remain Hungry -So many people become lazy and complacent after a certain level of success. Aiming for the best is no longer a priority. When success and winning are no longer the goal, that is when the stake is higher. That is when the goals, strategies, and purpose must be reevaluated. That is when you should up your game. Remaining hungry has always been a prerequisite for peak performance.
  2. Focus on your Brilliance – As much as you would like to do everything yourself, that is a luxury you cannot afford. You stand to lose a lot more than you think you’re putting in. So, focus your time, energy, and resources on the things that will increase performance, productivity, and definitely your bottom line – the areas where you will gain the most reward.
  3. Discipline Yourself – Practice, Practice, Practice – no one becomes great without it. McGregor is constantly at the gym working on his brilliance – what he does best. LeBron James makes it his business to make hundreds of jump shots daily. Lionel Messi did not become the best soccer player in the world because he likes to take it easy on himself – dribbling practice is a daily activity. Therefore, peak performance is something that is earned with blood and sweat.