Power Your Potential

My husband loves watches.

Over the years, we have brought quite a few of them. Most of the watches we have in our collection require batteries in order for the watches to function properly. When the batteries expire, my husband would change them himself.

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But life got in the way and frustration set in, so the wide ranges of watches – Seiko, Invicta, Movado, and others were left for a long time, perhaps between three to five years in the jewelry box waiting for the day to once again tap into their potentials.

Potential, that’s a loaded word. It speaks of the wonders that are possible in our lives and the optimistic hope that we can be more than the eye can see. Potential promises possibilities for peak performance. It implies that success and greatness are for the taking only if you would tap into what is already in your possession.

So for my husband’s birthday, I decided to make one simple decision to help the watches once again tap into their potential and to do what they do best–tell the time. I took a total of ten of them to a repair shop and for just $75 and less than 24 hours, the watches were once again doing what they were designed to do.

We are very similar to these watches. Life can often get in the way of us fulfilling our potential, what we were designed to do. Know this, despite the fact that you have put your potential on hold does not mean that it is no longer working or functionable. Your potential is there waiting for you to power it up in order for you to succeed and develop that greatness that has been dormant inside of you for so long.

How can you power your potential now to radically change your life from moment-to-moment?

Share the small steps you are taking.

When Was the Last Time You Saw a Fish Climbing a Tree?

The fish does not climb a tree because it was not created to climb a tree. It has its special intelligence that equips it to navigate its environment with ease. The water environment and the skills necessary to thrive there is empowering not self-defeating.

So, why do we belittle ourselves and hinder our progress on the basis that we are not intelligent enough. Let’s be reminded that “God does not create junk.” The problem occurs when we place ourselves in the wrong environment and engage outside of our skill set.

We don’t have to spend our lives thinking that we’re stupid simply because we are in the wrong environment, doing something we are not prepared to do.

Remember, we have the potential to learn and become better at anything we put our minds to. According to Merriam-Webster, intelligence is defined as the ability to learn or understand or to deal with difficult situations.

Some people naturally possesses or are drawn to a specific type of work. That is wonderful. That does not in any way diminish our ability to learn that type of work or skill.

Einstein says it best, the measure of our intelligence has very little to do with where we are right now. Our ability and our flexibility to change makes all the difference.

We can improve our intelligence on a daily basis by:

  • Reading widely
  • Take a workshop or a seminar 
  • Spend time with people we want to learn from
  • Take daily action toward change
  • Feed our minds everyday
  • Be nice to ourselves–often

So don’t decline that promotion, we will be surprise to see that we know more than we think we know. Knowing that there is nothing new under the sun, we can find people and resources to help us no matter what we may face.

Potential Unleashed

Man was designed for accomplishment,

engineered for success, and

endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Zig Ziglar

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Fresh start. New beginning.

That is what a new year provides. An opportunity to learn from the past and start anew.

That is precisely where you start today, prepared to unleash your potential to do better and accomplish more than you have ever done throughout the course of your life.

Deep down you know you are capable of more. You aim to have better relationships, physical and spiritual health. You want to increase your performance at work. You want to take your career to the next level. You want to be happy.

Applying a few strategies to your daily routine will help you to breakthrough and tap into your abundant potential.

  1. Talent is not enough, you must believe in your potential for greatness. According to John C. Maxwell, “Belief lifts your talent. Your talent will not be lifted to the highest level unless you also have belief.” There is ample room there to grow since John Powell, the author of Fully Human, Fully Alive: A New Life through a New Vision asserts that the average person utilize only 10% of his or her potential. Imagine how much more you can do if you increase this estimate to 15 or 20 percent.
  2. The power to drive your success has to be more than 100%. You have to be all in. In his book The Art of War, Sun Tzu emphasizes that troops who lose the fight within their minds are 50% more likely to lose the battle. So, the commitment to unleashing your potential and breaking through success is imperative. Nothing less will do.
  3. You will reach your highest potential when you choose to serve others. You are here to add value to the lives of others. The search to add value to the lives of others will provide the fertile ground to unleash your potential and breakthrough success. Money, power, and pleasure afford us with temporary and fleeting satisfaction. Your lasting fulfillment will evolve through your engagement in service above self.