When Was the Last Time You Gave Your Attitude a Check?


That looks like the recipe for success in life, work, and business.

Surprisingly, these are myths. They do no weight as much as we think they do.

The experts and researchers have affirmed that the number one thing that holds people back from success is their ATTITUDE.

DEFINITION: a way of thinking or feeling about something, someone, or an event that is usually reflected in one’s behavior.

As trivial and insignificant that may sound, our attitudes has much to do with what we do in life and how we do it.

This is awesome, very encouraging, and literally life transforming.

According to Charles R. Swindoll, attitude is everything: Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

We certainly have little control over what happens to us in life. We can take precautions to decrease the likelihood of something hurtful, damaging, or devastating from happening to us, but we cannot guarantee it.

What we can be certain of is that we have the power to react in positive, uplifting, and life changing ways. We can choose our responses. We can learn from the experience helpful lessons and throw away the rest. From that experience we can begin anew with a different skill set.

John C. Maxwell, the very successful New York Times Bestselling Leadership Expert  is one of my many mentors. From him I learned that we learn best from EVALUATED EXPERIENCES.

It is not enough to say “I learned a lot from this experience.” We must break the experience down and study it to determine lessons worth learning. In that way, the experience will become an asset rather than a hindrance.

So, let’s check ourselves to see how our attitude is holding us back from:

  • Taking that critical first step to pursue a goal
  • Seeking the help that can change our lives
  • Asking for what we what we need
  • Taking the necessary risks

Even in the business world,

There are a few jobs where straight

up skills are all we ask for.

Perhaps in the first violinist in a string quartet.

But in fact, even there, what actually separates

winners from losers isn’t talent,

it’s attitude.

Seth Godin

The bottom line is people like to be with, work with, and do business with people they like. If our attitudes are constantly negative, who in their right minds will want to spend time with us?

Please leave a comment and tell me about your experience.


Potential Unleashed

Man was designed for accomplishment,

engineered for success, and

endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Zig Ziglar

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Fresh start. New beginning.

That is what a new year provides. An opportunity to learn from the past and start anew.

That is precisely where you start today, prepared to unleash your potential to do better and accomplish more than you have ever done throughout the course of your life.

Deep down you know you are capable of more. You aim to have better relationships, physical and spiritual health. You want to increase your performance at work. You want to take your career to the next level. You want to be happy.

Applying a few strategies to your daily routine will help you to breakthrough and tap into your abundant potential.

  1. Talent is not enough, you must believe in your potential for greatness. According to John C. Maxwell, “Belief lifts your talent. Your talent will not be lifted to the highest level unless you also have belief.” There is ample room there to grow since John Powell, the author of Fully Human, Fully Alive: A New Life through a New Vision asserts that the average person utilize only 10% of his or her potential. Imagine how much more you can do if you increase this estimate to 15 or 20 percent.
  2. The power to drive your success has to be more than 100%. You have to be all in. In his book The Art of War, Sun Tzu emphasizes that troops who lose the fight within their minds are 50% more likely to lose the battle. So, the commitment to unleashing your potential and breaking through success is imperative. Nothing less will do.
  3. You will reach your highest potential when you choose to serve others. You are here to add value to the lives of others. The search to add value to the lives of others will provide the fertile ground to unleash your potential and breakthrough success. Money, power, and pleasure afford us with temporary and fleeting satisfaction. Your lasting fulfillment will evolve through your engagement in service above self.
Moving Against Fear

If you are going successful in life, you must move against your fears. You have to do the very thing that you fear the most. With every talent, there is a corresponding fear that keeps you from using that talent.

–Rick Warren