The Power of Connection

Why do we often think we can accomplish anything of significance on our own and by ourselves?

I had an opportunity to speak at The Yes Network in Orlando, FL last weekend where I connected with women with great passion and zeal for their businesses and calling. I could not help but to immerse myself in their zealousness to serve and to help others. The reality is only a purpose bigger than ourselves will sustain us beyond monetary success.

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Here are a few of the takeaways:

1. Know yourself as the leader your are. If you cannot lead yourself, it will be difficult to lead others.

2. Passion makes it worth pursuing. It is the oil in your engine that keeps you running smoothly and consistently.

3. It is never too late to pursue your dreams and to make a difference.

The power of connection is evident when we learn from each other by sharing our experiences of the good and the not so good in our every day lives.

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