Transforming Fear into Faith: How to Blossom and Thrive in Spite of Fear

For some people fear is a dirty four-letter word. It is seen as a negative word that is able to render us to paralysis. Fear seems to have let us down and limit us in so many ways. It limits us when we neglect opportunities for growth and development. Fear limits us when we fail to change knowing that doing the same thing over and over again will result in the same outcome. It limits us when we fail to make hard decisions, take smart risks, and remain in our comfort zone.

Yet, fear is a natural and useful part of life. Fear signals danger, vulnerabilities, and it informs us when and where we should be careful. It is important to know that fear is a companion that we will face whenever we decide to do something new and stick our neck out there.  Some of us allow fear to hinder us from achieving our goals and dreams. However, when we face fear head on, we give ourselves a chance to amass experiences and successes that can strengthen and uphold us when we are rejected, when we make mistakes, and when face difficulties.

Take Back Your Power

When we let fear stop us from starting a new project or taking a stand on a particular subject, we are entertaining the idea that we are not good enough. Our behavior indicates that what we have to offer is irrelevant and is of no value. We decide that if we reject ourselves first, we will not have to endure growing pains. We compare ourselves to those who have made it and place them on pedestals as a way to justify our claim that we are inferior and that we will never measure up.

Often times, we fail to recognize that we are responsible for our powerlessness. We have given our power to our inner critic and accepted negative thoughts as truth. We can break this cycle right now if we choose to feel the fear and go for our goals anyway. Let’s stop running away from fear. We must understand that fear is part of the process and we should not let it stop us from doing what we know we must do in our daily life. Acknowledge that fear exist and keep moving forward. That will enable us to create a bank of successes we can refer to when the next challenge comes around.

Start Now…You Are Good Enough

When fear settles in, the cycle of rejection continues to plaque us by trying to convince us that we are simply not good enough. We tell ourselves that we are not talented enough, we are not pretty enough, or we do not know enough. As a result, we remain stuck and unable to accomplish anything of significance. To blossom and thrive in spite of fear, we have to allow ourselves to do what is in our power to do. We must not make decisions for the world; we must make decisions for ourselves. For example, as a writer my business is to write to the best of my ability and to make my work available to readers. Then it is up to the readers to decide whether or not my work provides useful nuggets to help them improve their lives. So, don’t wait until everything is perfect; it will never be. Let’s do our part, start with what we know, and let the world decide if what we have to offer is good enough.

Keep a Victory Log

To blossom and thrive in spite of fear, we must count our successes even when our inner critic tells us that they are not good or big enough. Keeping a victory log comes in handy as a resource to kick back fear when we need courage to keep moving forward or when starting a new venture. To set the victory log into motion, it is important that we determine exactly what it is that we are afraid to do. So, make a list of things such as asking for a raise, starting a business, or leaving the kids with a babysitter. Then look at the list carefully and set a plan in motion to tackle each item on your list. If we are not doing what we are afraid to do; we will never know our fullest potential. As a result, we deny ourselves the biggest opportunity to grow and to live an effective life.

Therefore, if we are afraid of speaking; let us start speaking now. Then write down any and all progress—big or small. After a short time, it becomes clear that our fear is unfounded and that we create them by imagining a negative outcome rather than a positive one. The best way to get better at doing something is to practice. Celebrate the slightest of improvements and write it down in the victory log. That will allow us to create positive images and memories to carry us to our next endeavor.

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