Walking the Path

Every journey begins with one step. Taking that first step can be most difficult part of the journey and sometimes it feels like it can even be impossible. The short distance may actually feel like a marathon. So many things can prevent you from even finding the path let alone walking upon it. 

You may find yourself repeating the same mistakes and your life is going nowhere. A life that goes in circles is a life that cannot grow. No matter how far you travel, if you are going in a circle you will finish the journey where you began.  

Why do people travel in circles? Well as it is said, those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. The main reason life becomes like a racetrack and people go in circles is that their past keeps manifesting itself in the present. Mistakes are repeated and a person never seems to be able to let go of the past or people from the past refuse to let go of them. 

Why should it be so hard to reach the path and to walk along it? The answer is you must get out of your own way. Satan does not want to let go and to release his claws from the hapless sinner. Using all his powers he seeks to cloud judgment and provide distractions and temptations so that many people never even begin their journey. 

When you start on the path to becoming a conqueror you become a warrior. As a warrior you must fight battles. You enemies will be the temptations Satan puts in your path to prevent you from realizing your true potential. Not all obstacles are the same. Some may be cleverly disguised in such a way that they do not even appear to be obstacles. 

However you must be on guard. Be ready to question everything, ask yourself how your daily activities and habits are contributing to moving you forward. May be you are actually doing something only through force of habit and although it may appear harmless enough; actually, it is keeping you trapped.  

You remain treading water and instead of moving forward on a journey you deviate and struggle to break free. Make full use of the tools God has placed at your disposal. He has given you a critical mind and the ability to make choices. Learn from the scriptures everyday and also take the lessons to heart. Only then will you truly walk the path.


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